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About Cunningham Machine

Cunningham Machine is your go-to shop for production machined components.  They also offer contract work for customers for machine repair, plant maintenance, as well as automated assembly equipment and quality inspection equipment.

Tommy Cunningham and his father started Cunningham Machine in 2007, purchasing a manual milling and lathe machine to create precise, high-quality parts for production. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Tommy always had the gumption required to establish and grow a business. That’s exactly what he and his father started, and accomplished, despite the industry being rife with competition.

After spending his formative years working in another machine shop, Tommy jumped at the chance to open a place of his own when the opportunity rose. It wasn’t long after demand forced them to add another lathe, then a CNC mill and lathe, and the work started to pile on as their reputation for high-quality parts began to spread throughout the region.

Today, they are a leading producer of production machining and create top-of-the-line quality-control equipment.

All engineering is done in-house, adhering to ISO Compliance. With every job taken on comes the promise of high-quality work and short lead times. Throughout production, one part out of every ten is documented and every part is hand-checked before it goes out the door.

Cunningham Machine works with a number of industries to help automate processes to increase productivity and profitability. From the automotive industry to consumer goods, mining and agriculture, the opportunities for growth in any industry is wide open.

Through robotic solutions and simple automation, Cunningham clients can potentially produce more, and in turn, sell more. For more information on solutions that can help your business become quicker, faster, and better, call (270) 753-4474 today.


As a German based automotive supplier expanding into the North American market, we anticipated hardship finding local businesses that could/would support our unusual needs to maintain technical production capability. This anticipation was correct. Many local companies and suppliers flooded through our doors once they opened, yet many could/would not meet our needs.
Tommy Cunningham, owner of Cunningham Machine, was one of these representatives greeting us within the first week of visible presence. From that first day until present, Cunningham Machine has been a tremendous asset to have. They have battled through differences and challenges to become a respected supplier of precision machined components and custom design machinery for iwis and the surrounding region.
An example of a challenging, but successful, undertaking would be the designing, building, and maintaining of iwis’ first machine from the United States. We were awarded a contract from a highly competitive automotive customer. We had a short timeline and limited budget (not uncommon in the industry) to have a machine ready for production of the simple, yet intricate, timing drive component. Per our company’s norms, we contemplated having a machine designed and built from our home country. We ultimately decided to choose a local company due to the nature of assembly and to test local machine builders with our needs. Cunningham Machine took on this challenge head on knowing our demands were dissimilar from their norms and unfamiliar requirements, such as Beckhoff controls that are not widely used in this area, would need outsourced or trained knowledge to fulfill.
The final product, after some rigorous and appreciated support, performs flawlessly, meeting all of our and our customers’ needs. Still today, Cunningham Machine remains a competent and mutually respected supplier for iwis engine systems, LP.

Ulrich Bach
CEO, Iwis Engine Systems LP

We are a global automotive manufacture. The Hopkinsville facility makes truck and van frames for various OEMs. Challenges we face don’t come with an “off the shelf” solution many times. This is when it is important to have a company like Cunningham Machine as a resource to overcome these challenges.
Cunningham Machine has always been extremely professional in all my dealings with them. They truly take an engineering approach to solving whatever opportunity is presented. They also always see the project through until the end, doing whatever is necessary to make us completely satisfied with the solution they have provided. Whenever a new opportunity comes up, Cunningham Machine is who I call to help me get to the solution.

Daphne Dixon
Industrial Engineer, Metalsa United States Hopkinsville Plant